Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Merge, Not Divide!

I often tap into what is happening at Granger Community Church in Indiana. I follow Mark Beeson, Tim Stevens and Kem Meyers blogs. They really do a fantastic job of drawing in many unchurched people by leveraging modern culture. Their sermon series frequently coincide with popular movies or TV shows. They then connect people back to the scriptures in very creative ways. Well, I recently saw this video. It saddens me. What would happen if the Body of Christ actually walked as one instead of slamming each other.

I guess it also struck me differently tonight after reading some of the posts on Swerve about merging churches. Let's merge, not divide!!



KevinS said...

If this guy doesn't like using modern culture in the church, he better go back and read up on Paul on Mar's hill.

Noah said...

No Kidding! Paul was a master at this. Jesus wasn't too shabby at leveraging culture either, come to think of it. ;-)