Monday, October 13, 2008

Healthy Decsion Making Styles

I "tweeted" last week about something that I read over breakfast that rocked my world. It was some profound research/work on decision making styles. It is written and improved over a span of 20 years by Mervin Charles, who is a respected leader from EMM and the Mennonite Church. He is a former missionary and current Pastor in PA. I am sharing this material with his blessing. I hope that one day, CCF could have him come and do some teaching on this material. I think that it is truly great stuff.

Basic Summary/Premise:
A wise leader will prayerfully use the following four decision-making styles, will know when to use each one, and will be authentic and transparent when using them. All four are Biblical and appropriate styles of decision making.
  1. Telling
  2. Seeking Counsel
  3. Seeking Consensus
  4. Delegation
In a series of blog posts to follow, I will share a summary of each of the styles. I hope you enjoy thinking through how they apply to your job, your ministry, your marriage, your family and any other area of your life that involves leadership and decision making.


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