Monday, October 27, 2008

A fantastic weekend!!

Seriously, this past weekend's church retreat made for a fantastic weekend. Some of the specific highlights for me were:
  • We had FUN! Unfortunately, fun is an element that is lacking in many churches. Not CCF! We laughed, joked, carried on and just had a blast together playing Battle of the Sexes, the Newlywed/No So Newlywed game, and more.
  • Much Corn Hole! On our very own CCF Corn Hole set. More Corn Hole events to come. It was definitely a highlight for some people...including this guy!
  • We had the whole place to ourselves. That was nice.
  • It was so cool to see the kids having such a blast. They played and played and played.
  • I really enjoyed having church outside yesterday morning. Cool experience.
  • Relationships were started and strengthened just as I had hoped and prayed for! I am telling you....people connected!!
Awesome weekend. I just can't say it enough. So proud to lead such an awesome group of people. I told them this weekend that I have NEVER known community like this!

(I hope to post some pictures of the weekend soon.)


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