Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Bullets

  • Glad to have been able to see Bethann on Friday, although I know she is really hurting. Made the best out of a sad trip by enjoying my time with Tricia and Davis.
  • Went to National Community Church Ebenezer's location last night. Thankful for the 10 people that came along. It was neat to watch a sermon on video. Not my first time, but it was for some CCF'rs that came along.
  • Another stellar Small Group this morning. 10 people and great sharing. Topic was Making Connections session #2..."Being There"!
  • Great service this morning. Heartfelt worship and Pastor Nelson did a fantastic job delivering the word. Great to see people at the altar dealing with the personal impact of a biblical passage (John 11).
  • Skins just won!!!!! Pretty happy about that.
  • Looking forward to a relaxing evening and a great week ahead. I am "all in" on thinking and planning for 2009. Much of this week will be dedicated to that. I love visionary planning.
Hope you had a great weekend!


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