Saturday, September 6, 2008

Terry, Abuela, Mom

Well, after about 5 weeks with us, Tricia's mom flew back to NY tonight. You know, you hear a lot of mother in law jokes out there, but they honestly do not resonate with me at all. My mother in law is a gem! She blessed our socks off during her visit. Never a burden, always a blessing. She cooked, cleaned, helped with Davis, and was a HUGE help with the move. We are really going to miss her. One of the things that I appreciate the most about her is her passion for the Lord. Numerous times this month, I "caught" her on her knees passionately seeking the Lord. I love when someone is in my home going after God! She has said numerous times that it has been her Lord that has taken her this far in her grieving journey. I believe that.

My family and our friends will miss Terry! Davis will miss Abuela! And Tricia and I will miss Mom!

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