Thursday, September 25, 2008

Swerve; Stepping All Over Me!

I read a blog called Swerve almost everyday. Why? It builds my faith and often corrects my actions for the glory of God! I am always looking to grow and that needs to never stop!

The posts this week on Swerve have REALLY stepped all over me. I can totally relate to much of what is being said. I have been trying to put this into words ever since I became a Pastor. It may not speak to you as much since it is written for Pastors, but I thought I would share because it has implication for you too in whatever role you serve, even at work.

Click here and read the last 5 or 6 entries if you have a few minutes.



Ben Rainey said...

I've been checking in on swerve too. Craig and Brian give some really concise and truthful posts.

Noah said...

Totally. I had emailed a few people about it and then I thought...what they heck. I will throw it up for all to see!

Lunch soon, Ben?