Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speak up

Why is it so hard for some of us to be honest? Why are we afraid to speak up? I find that there have been times in meetings and relationships where I am hesitant to speak up and say what I believe in and I end up getting frustrated at myself. Listen, don't be so concerned about your self image that you hold back sharing what you really believe! Sure, you might be wrong...and if you are all it costs you is a little pride (which I tend to think we can all afford to give some away). But, hey, if you are right, the possibilities are endless. Be careful not to put fear and pride before who God has called you to be and what God has asked you to say. You have something to offer!! Speak up!


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Creshia83 said...

Pastor Noah,

This topic need to be discussed in Small Groups on Sundays. I'am guilty of this all the time. It sometimes bother me because I feel that I'm being ashamed of Jesus. The reason why is because if I have a purpose on life to serve God, love people, tithe, and etc then I should be able to speak up. Please lets have this topic in Small Groups.