Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It is welling up...2009 Here we come!

OK, I am officially INCREDIBLY EXCITED about where CCF is headed for 2009! All day, I have began working on a ministry map or plan for the coming year. I have began sketching plans for messages, themes, budget, staffing, ministries, calendar, etc...and the excitement has intensified. It is welling up!

I told the staff yesterday that it felt like we spent 6 months this year vision casting and vision casting and vision casting. Then, we spent the summer planning for the fall. And now, the fall is is underway and because of the good planning and work that went into it, it almost feels like it's in autopilot. We know our Small Group topics, we know where our messages are headed and we are just living it out! I am VERY PLEASED with what I am seeing so far this fall. People are buying in!

Now (just in the last few weeks), I feel like I can really begin to think about direction for the coming year and it is thrilling! I love this stuff. I love forward thinking and dreaming. Sensing that 2009 will be a year of stability and letting our purpose take deeper root in our hearts. We need to live in this now! No big changes in ministry model or direction. Just living the vision and letting it take hold. That's the name of the game for 2009. Look forward to seeing people increase in their love for God, for people and their journey in discipleship! Sound Familiar?

--Pastor Noah

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