Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I sold my anointing this morning!

Now, here is a funny one! It has kept me laughing on and off all day....and I need to laugh right now.

My friend Ben asked me if he could buy my class books off of me because he has procrastinated in buying them (Go, Ben...procrastinators unite tomorrow!). I said yes. This morning he came to get them. Before he arrived I was running around the house searching for them. I found all but one. The one that I could not find was entitled "The Anointing" by R.T. Kendall.

I frantically texted him that "I had lost the anointing"! I told him that I was searching for it everywhere. Then I found it. Well, he stopped by and bought it from me for 10 bucks! Later he texted me..."I bought the anointing for 10 dollars!" My reply: A cheaper anointing cannot be found!

Moral of the should never lose your anointing. And you should also never sell it for cheap to your friends!

Hope you got it and that it brought a smile to your face the way that it did mine.


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Creshia83 said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! This was so funny. I really got it the first time I read it. Only $10.00? Now Pastor Noah.... Keep these coming everyday because it really made me smile :)