Saturday, September 27, 2008

A few quick things...

  • Had a safe trip to PA and a great visit with my friend, Rich yesterday. Thankful for the camaraderie we share.
  • On my way back, I was able to stop and see my Mom's Cousin, Cindy. She has had some big health struggles over the years and in the last few weeks has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for Cindy.
  • Went to "Men of Purity" last night and getting ready to head back out for it again this morning. Thankful for the 6 guys from CCF that are with me.
  • The women of the church and district have "Heart Spa" today. Trusting that they are going to have an awesome day together today!!
  • Finally, I ask your prayers as well for a girl my age by the name of Katie Alsop. Her boyfriend (father of her 2 children) died in a very tragic way yesterday. His name was Steve Saddleson. Katie is a friend of my sister Selah and a fellow classmate and graduate from Lanham Christian School. We have known her for 15 years. In addition, CCF was the only church they had. Steve and Katie have been at CCF several times over the last year. Although they were not there often, we were "their church" and we need to step up during this in any way that we can. I will be going to see the family today. Pray for Katie Alsop and the Saddleson family if you think of them.
  • Looking forward to what the Lord will do among us tomorrow. Preaching on the "Mystery of the Holy Spirit".
Just checking in and sharing some things on my heart. Have a happy rainy day!


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