Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1 Year Blogeversary

Well, I started blogging 1 year ago today. You can click here to read my blog from last September. I thought I would share a few things with you about this site:
  • This blog gets 50-100 unique hits a day. Last week, we broke a record with 210 unique hits in a day.
  • People in 44 U.S. states read my blog. Obviously, the most hits come from MD, but following that is VA, PA and FL.
  • This is a shocker....people from 40 different countries around the world read it as well. The top 10 in volume come from the U.S., Guatemala, Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, Philippines, China, South Korea and Ireland.
  • About 20% of traffic to this blog comes from the CCF Website. (Funny thing is that close to 50% of traffic to the CCF Website links from this blog).
  • I could go deeper and tell you what kind of operating system you are using, but I will stop. All this info is thanks to Google Analytics. Amazing tool!! Free.
It is probably evident that I have really enjoyed blogging this year. It has been a blessing, an outlet and a great joy to capture memories, ideas and thoughts that I will save forever. I thought at this one year mark, I would refresh the purpose of my blog:
  • Digital Discipleship- Encourage godly thinking and spiritual growth.
  • Previews (advertising) and Reviews (reporting) of CCF stuff/events!
  • Capture memories with family, friends and church! As I read through the last year, there are so many memories that I would have never remembered again had I not blogged them.
  • Share my heart, dreams, frustrations, joys, etc. with an often unknown audience of people that care enough to read it.
  • To create an online forum for CCF and others to interact about issues.
  • Finally, because I have began to LOVE writing!
(Note: In case you wonder....I probably invest an average of 15 minutes a day into my blog. If you are not familiar with how easy it is to post and operate, it may look like more.)

Thanks to all you who read it!

Much Love!

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hartslove said...

Your blog is unpretentious and real. I hadn't been interested in any blogs until I stumbled across yours. I was inspired to begin my own, which I haven't fully shaped yet. Happy Blogeversary.