Friday, August 29, 2008

A Message from Lisa Savoy

Yesterday I had the honor of visiting Lisa Savoy again. It is an honor because her attitude is so inspiring. Lisa has a disease called polymyositis. (Polymyositis is a systemic connective tissue disorder characterized by inflammatory and degenerative changes in the muscles, leading to symmetric weakness and some degree of muscle atrophy. The areas principally affected are the hip, shoulders, arms, pharynx and neck.)

Lisa is not doing well at all. She is physically unable to do just about anything and she is emotionally tired. But, she is still an inspiring lady that is making impact. Yesterday I asked Lisa if there was any message(s) that she would like me to take back to the church. She began weeping as she labored to say the following things:
  • Get the most out of every day!
  • When you hit a stumbling block, don't put your focus on it because there is too much good stuff to look at.
  • Be good to your family and always be kind to those in your life.
  • Never let money rule your house!
  • Help each other whenever you can.
  • Spend more time together.
One of the last things that she told me is that the blood clot (the size of a fist) that was found in her lungs this week could have killed her, but it didn't because God wanted her to stay here a little more longer to experience some more of his faithfulness! Wow!

Let Lisa's words make some difference in you today!



hartslove said...

I don't know Lisa personally, but her messages resonate with me. I shared nearly identical thoughts earlier this evening with a loved one. When it comes down to it, those are the things that matter, and yes, God is faithful. I have observed that, when we are "on the bench," God's Holy Spirit really shine's forth and minister's through us.

Noah said...

Amen! Thanks, Alexine. Great confirmation!