Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is there something wrong with me if I do not speak in tongues?

I had the privilege of visiting the home of a committed couple in our church this afternoon. As I was leaving the wife asked me...."Is there something wrong with me if I do not speak in tongues?" What a great question. Unfortunately, this is a very common question and I wish that it was not!

Being born and raised in a Pentecostal setting, and as a man who has received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, this was/is my response:

Never seek tongues! Don't seek the gifts, rather seek the giver. Scriptures states that God gives gifts as he sees fit. If you end up with the gift of tongues, great! But, Paul would rather you prophecy.

Basically, all the gifts are for the building up of the body of Christ and for the glory of God. So, God needs to decide what gifts you need to edify his church and glorify him. I personally think when we seek or demand that God give us a certain gift of the spirit, then we are doing the job that God desires to do.

Seek the fullness of the spirit of God in your life and the beauty of his faithfulness and holiness....not one gift or another. Seek the giver!


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