Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pottery Sunday a HIT!

Today was an absolute blast! It was the realization of a dream that I had about 6 months ago while we were in PA visiting some friends. I have never been more distracted while preaching in my life ( I wanted to watch Becky make pottery the whole time)...but the grace of the Holy Spirit intervened and it still impacted people. It was so fun to see the illustrated message come to life for different people in different ways.

A big shot out to Becky from Greenbridge Pottery for coming in and making today even more special.

People were amazingly responsive to the prayer is that we all continue to respond to the Potter, allowing Him to shape us beyond just today.

Want to share more later...gonna run and take our guests up to Annapolis for the evening.



Anonymous said...

Pastor Noah,

I have been content with "lurking" on your blog until today's message. I had to share with you and possibly others from CCF how God spoke to me through todays message.

What I got from todays message is how any gift can be used to glorify God. One can assume that the vocation of Pastor is a job that will glorify God. But today, I saw clearly that a Potter can communicate God's glory as well.

Furthermore, our gifts when used for God can serve as a witness. To steal a word from Pastor Noah, "I am "JAZZED" about the pastors, writers, teachers, dancers, visual artists, lawyers, accountants, singers, that will be raised out of CCF and how their talents will be used for Gods kingdom.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Noah said...

Awesome feedback, Cat! I am glad that you moved from "lurking" to inspiring me and others with your thoughts. They are good and will make it in the sequel if there ever is one. BTW- you have a gift for writing. How can we/you use that more. This is the 3rd time I have thought that about you.

Fela said...

As I was driving into work today, I saw, in my minds' eye, clay being pounded. I was reminded of the message and believe that the word that was preached that day will continue to work on me as that clay was being worked on sunday. Thank you from bring this word. Thank you for illustrating this word.

Pastor Noah said...

Another great principle! Thanks, Fela!