Saturday, September 22, 2007

The way it should be...a great weekend

This weekend is turning out to be the way it should be...relaxing, enjoyable, and family centered!

Friday, I spent my day off watching the little man. My heart continues to go out to Mom's. It is a LOT of work! Last night Mom and Dad kept Davis overnight as Tricia and I went out on a hot date! It was perfect. We had a great dinner, saw a movie and relaxed together.

This morning I attended a financial seminar at the church. I found out some great news. It costs 100k-200k to raise a kid. I guess Davis isn't getting raised. This afternoon I got to do one of my favorite things...haggle for a friend of bought a new car. I love to haggle! She ended up buying for under invoice! Then, this evening we drove out to White Marsh for some shopping. Davis is down for the night and Tricia and I are turning in. I will be up by 5 tomorrow. Sundays are always early for me especially when I am preaching (which I am tomorrow).

Maybe I will blog again when I get home from the game tomorrow evening. I will be on hand tomorrow as the Skins own the Giants. Bless the Lord.


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